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Free Fall Girls Lacrosse Clinic with PMHS Varsity on Sunday!

Come dust off your sticks with PYL this Sunday!  PYL is hosting a free clinic for girls in grades 3rd-8th with the PMHS Varsity players.  It's a great opportunity to learn from thse amazing athletes, most of whom were PYL Alums!
All participants must be registered for the PYL fall clinics (link on the page).  See you on the field! 
PYL is offering a series of free fall weekend clinics for boys and girls in grades 3rd-8th. Times will vary by team. It's a great opportunity to keep your stick fresh, or learn the game of lacrosse! All new and returning players are welcome! Please click here to register.

Any Questions? Contact Us:

K-2 Girls - Rachel Cullen, rachelncullen@gmail.com

K-2 Boys - Tade Reen, tade@tadereen.com

3-8 Girls - Karen Green, greenkm@gmail.com

3-8 Boys - Sean Meehan smeehan7@yahoo.com

Scholarships are available for all programs, please contact Scott Humphrey at scotthumphrey22@gmail.com